Great Support for the Best Distributor Now

The sale of cosmetics in the beauty salon has always been a hot topic for directors. The client can increasingly buy professional cosmetics not only in the salon, but also in shops and online stores. In this material, we sorted out the details, is it so terrible … how we painted it ourselves!

Every day, we as managers of beauty salons solve a large number of very different tasks. At us in beauty industry it is very widespread such attitude to many questions with a touch of insult:

Masters take clients home! What a grief! Home care professional cosmetics can be bought in stores and online stores! The Sally Beauty Supply – Sell to Sally Beauty is the best option here.

How can I sell something in the salon!?

The first thing I want to emphasize: We, as managers of a beautiful business should once and for all exclude from their thinking the approach “Well, one more problem, everything is bad, what can I do?”. Director – he exists for the enterprise to react quickly to any market changes, both favorable and not favorable.

  • Of course, we can consider sales of professional cosmetics in shops and the Internet as evil, sigh, complain to distributors, distributorsand resent customers who want to save 1-2 dollars. Why not, if you did not bring to them the value of buying cosmetics in your salon! To blame the specialists who do not want to sell, despite all the exhortations, fines and interest. But will all this lead us to the goal of increasing retail sales in the beauty salon?
  • Let’s face it, colleagues – is it that the professional cosmetics are sold in stores (professional cosmetics stores, not in the mass market, of course) and the Internet – is our biggest problem with you? By expanding the question on the shelves, it turns out that you can cope with this and move on, and not be sad about reality, which is as it is and the other is unlikely to become. For the effective Convenience store distributor this is important now.

Now we will write out all the aspects that we keep in focus and work with, trying to make sure that cosmetics sales in our salon do not fall, but rather grow. Put them in the table, which is comparable with similar aspects of the shop and cosmetic goods online store. Use it as a brainstorm to create steps that will help successfully cope with increased sales of cosmetics in the salon or beauty center. You can call it the technique of sales in the beauty salon.